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» Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Due North
Early start this morning and we still got caught in traffic going into DC. We purposely skirted Baltimore via their "beltway"--and were delayed even there.

Willow had to stay in her crate, but we went into two service area restaurant complexes, one in Maryland (prettily decorated with white lights and red-bowed wreaths for Christmas) and one in New Jersey, and took Pidge with us. James told me when I got back from getting my Nathan's hot dog in New Jersey that Pidgie was quite a "babe magnet": three different young women stopped to say "how cute!" :-)

We had two minor mishaps: Pidge's water bottle suddenly failed and drenched the bottom of his carry box. There was no way we could clean it up or get a new water bottle without risking his getting out, so the poor guy rode from New Jersey to Mom's house without drinking. We still don't know what happened to the bottle: it was working fine early this morning.

The other was having to stop short in thick traffic on the former Connecticut Turnpike. The cars in front of us screeched to a stop and we just narrowly missed hitting the car in front of us. The car behind us bumped us hard, but thankfully there was only a one-inch scratch on the rear bumper, one of the backup lights was cracked, and my license plate was dented. Chrysler makes good bumpers.

Got to Mom's about 4:30 and unpacked and various things, then had Chinese for supper, came home for the usual laundry things and watched television. Mom is...doing as well as can be expected. I knew she had a growth near her eye, but the cancer has spread to the right side of her face. It looks like a giant bruise and is affecting her right eye and her mouth. The eye is all irritated. It's very frustrating that I can't do anything.