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» Monday, November 01, 2004
A lackluster Hallowe'en. It was too warm for my cat costume--indeed it was too warm even for the regular clothing I had on; I overheated badly and had to take my Atenolol early, even though I didn't get palpitations...I just didn't feel right. We only got about 15 kids, most of them just big kids who had no costumes.

I wasn't really up to it, anyway. If it's cool enough I have the fire on and I always play episodes of The Shadow. But I'd called my mom beforehand and was pretty depressed: she has to have 30 radiation treatments on her face. They had to make a special mask for her, and, so her eye won't get damaged by the radiation, she has to wear a "cover" fitted in her eye. She says it hurts. And what could I say? There's nothing I can even do.

At least we're back on Eastern Standard Time. It was so nice to be able to see this morning driving to work instead of it being pitch dark. It's funny, too, that it didn't rain--it seems like the first day of EST for years has always been rainy and you can't take advantage of the sunrise! Daylight Savings Time is an anachronism now and it no longer saves energy--what we "get back" from people not putting lights on we get taken away--and more--by air conditioners running full-tilt another hour before night cools everything down. Wish they'd kill it completely so we could have light in the morning as we're supposed to.