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» Monday, December 02, 2002
While paging through a Woman's Day today, I came upon an ad for "dried plums" from the California Dried Plum Growers. I looked at the accompanying photo and did a double take.

You know, in the old days they used to call these "prunes." :-) I guess the word has negative connotations today.

Too, I can't help remembering burly Klingon character Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation, who declared that prune juice was the drink of a warrior...

In any case, I was surprised to discover this month's Family Circle (I had coupons for both magazines) was pretty meaty; usually these checkout magazines are pretty lightweight, 2/3 ads and lots of stupid articles about how to dress and make up right. The December FC even had a piece of fiction, "Nana Antonia's Christmas," that left me misty-eyed.