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» Wednesday, September 02, 2009
That Lousy Old Sun...
After two nice cloudy days, the sun broke through a little before noon. It didn't get too warm, though, only lower 80s, and there was a delicious breeze from the northeast at lunchtime. Mid-80s for the weekend though...blah. I can only hope for a breeze.

It's getting down to the wire at work. Not sure how many more orders I have because I need an answer on what to do about one and my branch chief is manipulating one (basically the vendor has been telling us something incorrect for years and Ed called their bluff). One I can't do until their central contractor registration registration "propagates" enough for me to import it into ICE. Another is still out for quotes. One the program is still deciding if they have a budget for. And one I'm still waiting on a replacement PR. There are a few others, too.

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