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» Thursday, September 03, 2009
We were mulling yesterday over what we had to do to get ready for DragonCon tonight after work. We always bring our own food, so James had sandwiches to make. For the past few weeks we have been buying things in dribs and drabs for our "tucker: juice boxes, fruit cups, little 100-calorie packs of crackers and cookies, low-carb tortillas and the meat for them (roast beef, salami, honey ham). Plus what were we going to do for supper? Didn't really want to cook since we had to get lunches ready.

At work, I went to the bathroom about noon and a note was slapped on the door that a water pipe was broken and the toilets wouldn't flush. It wasn't just on the third floor, either. I went out to lunch late because I was finishing an order, so it was almost one o'clock by the time I reached the car. (Now not only was the water off, but the elevators had big signs on them "Not working until further notice.") It had been cloudy earlier in the morning, with a spectacularly scarlet-orange sunrise, but now the clouds were mostly cleared away and although it was warm, there was a nice breeze.

As I came inside, toting some magazines to leave in the break room, I noticed people milling around and when I entered the second floor section of the building we rent, the loudspeaker was on. Due to the water being off, they were sending us home! I guess it followed, since we couldn't flush the toilets, it wasn't very sanitary.

So I was able to drive home without worrying about Thursday traffic, stopped at Cumberland Mall to get something else for James' birthday, then to get gasoline and pick up something from Fresh2Order for supper, stopped at the bank for a little cash, then came home. Sweet.

We had James' birthday tonight since tomorrow will be so busy. He got a kick out of the card, which was a riff on getting older, but the last cartoon nailed it: it was a couple in bed, both reading. He burst out laughing and said "It's us!" Yes, indeedy. I also got him a stuffed dragon (the new Webkinz lava dragon, which is really cool looking, in a crouch and colored black, orange and gold—Hallmark had it with the Hallowe'en decorations), Carlton Cards' jet airplane ornament and aircraft carrier ornament for his airplane Christmas tree, and a book about a pilot.

We spent the evening alternating chores with relaxing. So lunch is made, everything's ready to go, and it's almost time for bed.

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